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The top of Kennesaw mountain

It was very hazy but Atlanta is in the distance.

A canon behind a redoubt.

We arrived in Ga on the 5th and are leaving tomorrow. We are at a very nice KOA about 40 miles north of Atlanta. The pool is huge and gorgeous.

So Kennesaw National Battlefield is used by many many people as a morning jogging, and walking park. It took a while to find a parking spot (50 cars of people there to exercise and 2 cars for the history--I am not exagerating). There isn't much to see there in terms of the civil war. Everything has been developed-big neighborhoods of really big houses. You can drive to a couple of spots where you can hike to a trench or a redoubt (a mound of dirt that they put canon behind). There is a mountain you can drive up on with a terrific view of Atlanta in the distance. The civil war story is that after 3 days of fighting the union forces (Sherman) decided to go around the mountain.

We had planned to go to Stone Mountain but decided to save it for later. Most of this stop has been sitting by the pool reading. So we head for home tomorrow. It will take a few days to get there. Interestingly enough except for Memphis which was 104, according to the news we have had cooler weather than at home-and not once did we lose electric. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and are having a good summer. Our next trip will have more dramatic pictures.

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