2012 Trip to Denmark and England travel blog

Casper and Rasmus

behind the dike


Packed and loaded up and headed out for the last time. We went to see Rasmus's school, first. The whole school had gone off on a camping trip, but Casper took us on a tour, as he had attended the same school two years ago. Then we drove on and were able to meet up with the travelers at the site where they were going to set up for the night. (They are traveling by bike.)

We said goodbye to Rasmus and

went on to Hojer to look at the dikes that hold back the sea and then on to Ribe.

Ribe was founded in 700 AD; the Cathedral is from, 1110, the oldest in Denmark.

Ate hotdogs and later ice cream in Ribe and looked at the shops, the buildings and the cathedral.

Drove on to Esbjerg and got there just about in time to get on the ferry for Harwich at 5:45.

We had two very nice cabins - much larger than we expected with full showers. We departed promptly at 6:45 and had an extremely smooth crossing. Got a sandwich in the cafe almost as soon as we got on board and had a voucher for the breakfast buffet.

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