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Went to look at Dybbol Mill on the outside. We drove up around the back way and the poppies are beautiful.

Stopped on the way home back out to take some pictures of them. Then we went to Ulkebol Kirke - the church where the boys were baptized ande confirmed. It's all white, inside and out. The hymn numbers are hung on tiny nails. All the confirmaton classses pictures are hanging around the wall in the education room. We also looked at the graveyard. Then drove on to Grasten Slot to look at the gardens there and to see

the church where Anne and Claus were married. The Queen uses the castle as a summer residence part of every summer. The chapel there can be used for a wedding only by people who had an attachment to the chapel: Einer and KarinMargrethe were married there. KM grew up in Grasten; Anne used to attend services there with her Mor mor when she was a child. When we left there Anne, Jen and Elena went to the paper museum to learn how to finish a paper box; Jim, Owen and I went home. Did a bunch of laundry - tried to wash everything up while we're here.

KarinMargrethe and Einer came for dinner. We had a combination of two traditional Danish dinners - the roast pork with crispy fat that served at Christmas with caramelized small white potatoes and red spiced cabbage and a veal roast and gravy with boiled potatoes served with bacon and chopped green onions and other vegetables. For dessert we had meringues with strawberries and ice cream.

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