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Hi All, well we have arrived at our first stop. We were aiming for Mildura, but didn't leave until 1200 and the boys had had enough by around 1700. So here we are at a small caravan park which is quiet and has all the amenities we need, plus it is already niticeably warmer. Only drawback.....nothing is open on Sunday night and I haven't yet stocked the travelling F&Cs (yuck)! Anyway, had a very good trip, the car just purrs along with no effort and great economy...gotta love a Diesel! Had a great run, though can’t believe the highway has a 110k is like a roller coaster!

So anyway, we have already seen lots of interesting things, including the town mascot fish in Charlton (probably a couple of hundred Klms from the coast) is an ex Melbourne Commonwealth Games metal fish; a swordfish...yep, took a photo to prove it, have a look!

Also included a photo of the ‘outfit’ and yes added the hat for those who would make a comment about it anyway.....take note: it is not on the rear parcel shelf and is NOT a bowling hat. We had a nice break at Charlton, the boys stretched their legs at the playground, could have stayed there if it wasn’t day one and we were already a day and a half behind. :)

Tomorrow we will probably stay a Broken Hill, deepends on the allure of Mildura when we hit town.

Anyway, time for a cuppa and some boiled fruit cake under great lighting (you know who you are).

Bye for now, the 3 Boys!

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