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Campsite at J. P. Coleman State Park

Once we got the trailer on the site it was great. Great...

We were at the end of the sites and nothing but woods...

This is the rest of the campground

We spent 4 days in Missisippi at a state park on a lake-one of the many lakes formed by damns on the Tenn river. The site was VERY difficult to get into. The site was on a steep slope and the road we were on had no shoulder-just a steep one foot drop on each side of the road. Dale and a guy who was staying at another site worked for 30 minutes trying to wrangle the trailer into the site. The guy's wife and I just stood off to a side and tried to ignore what was going on. We weren't sure they weren't going to end up rolling down the slope into the lake. I did find out loads of information about her and her husband. Once the trailer was on the site it was a very pretty site and very private.

We went to Shilo while we were here. We went real early because of the heat and walked a couple of the sites before it got too hot. The park has an auto tour but it puts the stops in order of where they are in the park. We went ahead and bought an auto tour that takes you through the park in the order in which the events occurred. It also includes a lot more information about what occurred. It was really good. We went to Corinth the day before we did Shilo. Corinth was a major railroad center and the reason for the battle at Shilo.

We also drove over to Florence Alabama to see what was there. We found a nice waterfront park. Helen Keller's first home is near there-but we decided to pass on that one.

We stayed at the trailer on the 4th and watched everyone else get drunk. (Everyone was very well behaved).

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