Round the World Trip 2005 travel blog

view over victoria harbour, HongKong



Tasting tea in Guilin

At the Shilin Stone Forest, Kunming, with Shawna and Mel

Wase Market, Dali

Horse Riding, Dali

In a bar in Dali

View from peak in Guilin

Wase Market

Am now back in Kunming, Dali was brilliant, v relaxed and chilled. We met some cool Canadians in Kunming, Shawna and Mel, and we travelled to the Stone Forest (shilin) together then on the sleeper bus to Dali. We hired a minibus and a driver/guide who took us around the lake - Erhai Hu to the various pagodas/villages and markets that lie around the edge of the lake, Wase market was definitely an eye opener! (see photos). Went horse riding yesterday which was amazing. Loads of screaming (obv. not from me!) occurred when the 4 horses started racing each other (while trying to bite at the same time) down a steep muddy slope, I haven't laughed so hard in months! Our backs have been pretty messed up since though, but we've just been to have a massage across the road from this cafe - it was incredible, my back feels relatively normal now! We're about to get on a train to Chongqing, my ipod's battery is flat, and it's 24 hour ride, so it looks like I'm in for a long boring haul!


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