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Sorry I did not write yesterday! As I said previously, we did crack open the chocolate and we all ate chocolate with cinnamon, choc with macadamia and chocolate with chilies! MMMMmmmm-just so you know it was delicious!

I went to school yesterday and did well for the first 30 minutes, then it was all downhill from there, needless to say my mind left me and I felt totally,utterly confused! It was not my best day to study! I must say my teacher Bittia is very patient and is willing to work at my pace which makes me feel like she may be bored out of her skull after 4 hours!

However I made up for the morning, by going to the macadamia farm--food trips always makes one feel better---NO??!! We had a tour, which thankfully, was all in English! I understood every word!! It's a miracle!! We walked around, had a tour of the process for growing and harvesting macadamia nuts, AND it has the most beautiful bathroom in all the world(it is full of plants and has a window for a ceiling and has beautiful flowers on the toilet itself---it may sound over the top, but it is quite a nice place to do one's business) -which is a necessity at times!!!

Today being Friday, we went to San Antonio. It is a small town in a valley between 2 of the famous volcanoes in the area--Volcan Agua and Volcan Fuego. We went to visit a Mayan cultural house and a collective. We witnessed the ceremony for a Mayan wedding and had a small Mayan wedding feast. It was delicious---SEE food does help studying Spanish that much easier! Of course, no visit to such a place could end without a visit to the" gift shop"! The obligatory push to sell all their handicrafts. I was tempted, but decided it wasn't worth the luggage space! I am waiting for Chichicastenango next weekend(I hear it's like Walmart prices and beautiful artwork)

I leave tomorrow morning for Monterrico, a small town on the Pacific coast with a volcanic beach, so in other words black sand and it is supposedly quite the surfer's paradise. On the weekends it becomes the place to go if you live in Guatemala City--hopefully beautiful weather, just like today.

My first week is finished and I feel I have accomplished quite a bit. I try to speak the language, and with Bittia's help, I am understanding MUCHO!! I like the set up of the school and the people who study here are from all over the world--Holland, Montreal, Louisiana, England, California, Australia, Calgary, there seems to be a fair number of asian students in town also--but not too many at our school.

After 1 week I ask myself---would I do it again?

the better question is.....Do I have to leave??


you only live once!


***antiguamente=Once upon a time...

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