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1st via duct. We thought the aquaduct we were on was IT!...

and then we saw Pontcyllte aquaduct

another view trying to get the best shot

on the aqueduct's tow path Sherie Robbie

entering the aqueduct

We all thought we were going on to the aqueduct near Llangollen (the Pontcysylite). But those of us who were out to walk across the tow path were informed by a local that we had it wrong. We were on the Chirk Aquaduct. He also told us why the viaduct was so much higher than us. He was obviously a canal man! He was very scathing; THe Viaduct was built long after the Aqueduct, the railway engineers had decided their crossing should be higher to show that railways were more important!

But then next day (but not much further physically) we saw the reason for us choosing this particular canal! The really, really, truly amazing Pontcyllte Aqueduct!

When we reached the real thing it was awe inspiring.

Built by Irish Navvies, only one of whom lost their life (looking at it, we thought there would have been a much larger loss of life. Injuries? they don't know.

And from the sign on the side it had 18 piers made from local stone; it was 126 feet high (get out the calculators) 1007 feet long. The iron trough was 11 foot 10 inches wide and 5 foot 3 inches deep.

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