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En l'escuela today was conversation day.

I'm surprised by the number of little kids at our school--Ranging in age from 5 to 16!! They are with their parents who are also studying. What a great family vacation! My homework last night was to write about a tradition from Nova Scotia. I chose to talk about the Apple Blossom Festival en primavera. I did well conversing in Spanish about apples(manzanas)-at least in my mind anyway.

After our break---which is a treat-fresh coffee and a little old abuela comes with homemade tostadas, tamales and other local treats for Q4=.50cents--we had piñata!! Fun and games for everyone! a lime and spoon race, tying a balloon on your leg and trying to pop everyone else's balloons. Also we ran sack races and charades. Then the culminating piñata, too exciting I think, the adults were worse than the kids for trying to get the candy!! I got 5!!

This afternoon we went to the Mayan chocolate museum and store. I had a melted chocolate( no instant here)hot chocolate with spices and honey needless to say I needed a cigarette afterwards!! And of course I bought several chocolate bars--- I don't think those will make it to Canada---sorry folks!!!!

I and relaxing and enjoying the view from the top of the café in the center of town

Happy Independence Day!!!

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