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North Entrance to Crater Lake


Mt. Thielsen

Enough Snow?

Is This Alaska?

More Snow . . .

And More Snow

Forgot My Snowmobile

First Look At Wizard Island

Picture Taking

Boat Ride

The Rim - I Am NOT Climbing Down

I Can See Diamond Lake

Measuring Snowfall

Rim Road

Rim Road



West Rim Road View

West Rim Road View

Great Day

First Clark's Nutcracker

Wizard Island


Edges Are Turquoise

Rim Road

Now That Is BLUE!

Continuing South

Every Photo Gets Better


Near The Lodge

The Lodge

The Lodge

Getting Warm

Clark's Nutcracker


Stellar Jay

Stellar Jay

Nutcracker Close Up

One Last Look

7641 Is Tops

The weather is perfect. Today we visit Crater Lake National Park.

Notes: A massive volcanic eruption 7,700 years ago left a deep basin in the place where a mountain peak once stood. Centuries of rain and snow filled the basin. At 1,943 feet, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. The waters are unmatched in color and clarity! It is 6.02 miles across the lake. The annual snowfall averages forty-four feet. The Rim Drive is thirty-three miles.

The North Entrance to the park is only about nine miles from our RV Park. Immediately after entering the park, we see snow.

We climb to the North Junction of the Rim Road. Only the West Rim Road is open. They are still plowing the East Rim Road.

Everyone has told us about the lake’s blue color. It is impossible to describe! We stop at every pullout. I hope our pictures do the lake justice. As the day goes on the lake gets bluer.

We reach the Rim Village around noon. There is an historic lodge here. We treat ourselves to an outstanding lunch. They have a fire going for us. We are posting the snow and fireplace pictures for everyone who is sitting in air conditioning on July 2!

We continue out the South Entrance to the Steel Visitor Center. I get my stamp and we watch two videos. The first is about snow removal at the park. There is no way I could do that job. I was nervous driving parts of the cleared roads! The second video is about the history of Crater Lake.

There is a boat ride that we do not take. The hike to the boat is strenuous. My literature says that the lowest point on the rim is 507 feet above the lake. That is too much elevation change for us!

As we retrace our steps, we make one more stop. We see many Stellar Jays and many Clark’s Nutcrackers. The white bark pine relies almost entirely on the nutcracker for regeneration.

I am glad we waited until today to visit the park. It was truly a picture perfect day! Tomorrow, we travel north to Bend.

Campground: Diamond Lake RV

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