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So... Supposedly the second day gets easier...NO!!!! You have to remember everything from yesterday and then add today's lesson! Tomorrow I will be crazy! Although, it is conversation, so no writing notes, although tonight's homework is to write about a tradicion de Nova Scotia...hhhhmmm I have to write about something to talk about tomorrow!

I must say, for the price of the classes and the home stay($200 per week), it is an amazing deal, to sit under the trees, en le jardin(in the garden), converse and write in Spanish 1 on 1 with a local teacher--it is worth the "price of admission"!! You are going at your pace, rapido o lento and practicing at home with your fellow students and family...

by the way there are 7 students in the house, 3 students from Baltimore--brother and 2 sisters(12-16yrs old--their parents know how to vacation--send the kids to Spanish classes while they go tour on their own), a couple from Australia, me, and a girl from California...all at various levels and being able to be understood--okay when we really want to make a point, we talk in English!

The Flores family has actually moved down the road to abuela's house so all the rooms are occupied in mi casa! They leave at 11:30pm and come early(6:30am) to cook and clean etc. for the day. Janet is muy populaire a l'escuela and with families she has hosted before, so we are in good hands.

I am beginning to feel more comfortable in speaking un poco with the locals.

I am meeting up with Fabi this afternoon. She was our tip leader in December for the Intrepid tour through Guat, Belize and Mexico! It will be good to catch up on the news. Speaking of news....waiting anxiuosly for news of Janice and her bebe!

Until next time...

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