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A light dinner starter

Our cruise continues along the Volga River. The weather is still extremely changeable. One minute it's sweaters & coats on, the next it's short sleeved shirts & hot & humid. We've visited numerous towns which many beautiful domed churches in the Kremlin area (town square). Each town (Kizhi, Kirillov, Yaroslavl, Uglich) has a story to tell. They all seemed to be powerful & cultural centers at one time, if the guides are to be believed. At the end of each excursion, we have run into souvenir hawkers. We've had some wonderful Russian baklava borscht, beer, kvas...). My pants are getting tighter & tighter.

Today we did a "home visit". About 10 of us piled into a local home to see what it is like & how modern day "peasants" live. It looks to be a struggle. The house was "spartan", to say the least. The only valuable thing in the house was an old clock that had been handed down for generations. They had quite a large & wonderful garden. Lots of vegetables, fruits & some animals (rabbits, chickens, a 5 day old piglet, dog & cats). The family was very friendly & chatty. We had to try the home-made vodka (aka moonshine). You down a shot & quickly eat a slice of pickel. It makes it almost bearable. My guess is that they very much rely on tips to make ends meet. Our next destination is Moscow. Should be great!

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