John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog

First Trail

Clearwater Falls

Clear Water


No Fish?



Another Sign


Wild Rhododendron

Wild Rhododendron

Stump Lake


Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush

Whitehorse Falls


Whitehorse Falls

Stay Off That Log!

What Log?

Whitehorse Falls

Close Up


Picture Taking

The Falls

Great Stop

Watson Falls

The Falls From The Parking Lot

Below the Falls

American Dipper

More Rhododendron

Better View

Zoom In

Don't Slip


The Bridge

We Make It!

Best View!



Ready To Head Back

Our Trail


Here's One You Missed

Spreading Stonecrop

The Trail

The Trail

More Big Trees

Tall Trees

Almost Back

John's New Pet

Today we continue exploring the Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway. We can take this road all the way to Roseburg but that is too far. We follow the Clearwater River. The Clearwater feeds into the Umpqua.

Our first stop is the Clearwater Falls. There is a short trail to the falls. It is a nice area with lots of moss!

Our second stop is Stump Lake. A small dam here creates the lake. There is a fish ladder. It is not a fishing opportunity.

Our third stop is Whitehorse Falls. This is a very nice area. Again, the falls are a short walk from the parking lot. They are very picturesque.

The fourth and last stop is at Watson Falls. Here we have to work for our pictures. We can see the falls from the parking lot. They are a long way away! There is a trail to a bridge overlook. The sign warns that there is a 200-foot elevation change. Let’s try it.

Once you start a trail like this, it is difficult to stop. What if the bridge is right around the next bend? We take our time. We reach the bridge and are glad we made the climb. The view is great. With a 293-foot drop, Watson Falls are the highest falls in Southwest Oregon.

Tomorrow, we head to Crater Lake National Park! The weather should be perfect!

Campground: Diamond Lake RV Resort

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