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Okay the title is misleading...they don't celebrate Canada Day here, although yesterday was Military Day! Girl Guides and Scouts were marching around Central Park singing and carrying flags. Needless to say I ate a light dinner, with vino tinto(red wine) and headed home as I was exhausted from being awake 20 hours straight! I fell asleep around 6:30 pm, the fireworks began at sundown and continued into the night---beautiful display next door and I was able to watch out my bedroom window as I lay in bed! and I awoke this morning at 8:00am!

I discovered upon unpacking my suitcase the papers I thought were my travel insurance was in fact other papers etc. for the bank-- I had packed toothpaste, but no toothbrush! I had no shampoo and no towel!(homestay suggests you bring a towel--I did read that, but forgot when packing) A chilly shower and I was wide awake for the morning.

I thank Fernando's for copious amounts of coffee--Black Fernando-hhhmmmmm

-WiFi(all my confirmations for transport and hotel next weekend are at home on the computer-but thanks to WiFi and Lino I was able to get the confirmation numbers and a telephone number to call!!)...

-and a delicious buffet breakfast of pancakes(wafle), fruit(fruta), fried plantain(platano frito), scrambled eggs with onions(huevos paricos)and all for Q45($6.00).

A search for a farmacia and a visit to the supermarket for forgotten items and I am now set for the next 2 weeks!

The weather today is beautiful and 24C, the clouds are coming in, but my fingers are crossed for no rain!

Will add more tomorrow when I am finished my first day of Spanish class!

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