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As I arrived, coming into Guatemala is fairly easy and straightforward-it also helps that I did it 6 months ago! As I went out to the "pick up" area I saw my name--Darren Fanay! Yes even here they get it wrong!Oh well...the driver had been waiting since morning for Jim Goldsmith, but he seems to be a No-Show!! He explained everything in perfect Spanish, needless to say I nodded and smiled and I got the jist of the conversation! Now to actually respond in spanish!

Well since my last visit, Guatemala looks very lush and and green, perhaps the rain is the reason! The pilot said the weather was clear and partly cloudy before landing, however, the skies seemed to open up as we touched down and it has been somewhat torrential at times.

The driver from the airport had said that it is clear and sunny in the mornings and rainy in the afternoons...so I guess I better get use to it!

I have met my family---Janet(the mother), Martin (the son),and I have forgotten the daughter's name--oops:( Janet has made it clear only Spanish in the house!

The room is simple and adequate for my needs at this time...so I'm quite content! I have found my way to Central Park, Cafe Contessa and I think pastel tres leches(three milk cake) is calling my name!

Adios mis amigos!

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