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Looking up Beale street

Looking down Beale and Dale with his no collar shirt

BB Kings Blues Club where we did dinner

There is a large crowd at the Peabody

The Emcee. You can't see it but the bar opens after the...

The ducks come down the elevator and head for the water

They move really fast.

They work 3 months and then retire. Duck is never served at...

This is the guest herder. He gets a certificate.

Danny Thomas' statue at Saint Judes

A statue of one King

The other king.

Hi everyone. Our heat wave is still on here in Memphis - 104 yeaterday and 105 today. We hear you got storms because you are on the edge of the heat wave and many people are without elec (its on CNN and on the Weather channel). Hope you all have electric and ac. Next time we come to Memphis is will be in the cooler fall or spring.

It is too hot to walk around so yesterday we took a tour from a company that picked us up at the campground. No driving, traffic, or parking worries. It was a fun tour even though the tour group was a bit strange. Very nice people but a bit disorganied. They do pickups at most of the hotels and our KOA. They have no parking and a very small office. they have 4 or 5 busses picking up people and then everyone unloads, pays for their tour (there are several different tours going on) and only then they decide which bus will be doing which tour. There is a 1/2 day downtown tour, and a 1/2 day Graceland tour, and a whole day downtown and graceland tour. Some people were a little irate - you know you have to have a good attitude and have fun no matter what.

Our bus was one of the smaller ones. We did the 1/2 day downtown tour. There was a couple from Texas who were fun-they certainly know a lot about BBQ in texas. They were staying down the road from us at the holiday inn and so we met them early. They had been where we were going and they were going where we had been. They used to travel by motorcycle but have given it up for saftey. They think Dales convertible on the Skyland drive is a great idea. There were 2 women who were cousins also from texas who were very animated and lots of fun. There was an older couple who were very quiet. I don't think they knew what to make of all us. And then a couple who were REAL hardcore Elvis fans. Anything to do with Elvis they wanted to stop and get off the bus to take pictures.

So we did Beale street. It was one of the stops so where we could get out and buy something if we wanted souvenirs. We saw the ducks march into the fountain at the Peabody. They certainly draw a crowd and make a show of it. We made an unscheduled stop at Sun Studios for the Elvis fanatics. We went by the Gibson guitar factory, stopped at Saint Judes, saw the Victorian section, and the riverfront, and many other things.

Of course 2/3 of the way thru the tour the ac quit. We ended up at Graceland and we weren't sure how they were going to get us back for a while. They didn't have it planned out who would take who back untill we all unloaded from the busses. We were assigned a bus and eventually made it back-we had to figure out which bus to get on ourselves. Like I said-a bit weird and a lot unorganized.

Today we drove into town and went to BB Kings Blues Club for an early dinner. They have live music all day on the weekends. The music was great and so was the food.

We leave tomorrow for Missisippi and a state park. So we will be without wifi for a while and will have to catch up this log latter. Hopefully when we get to the Atlanta area there will be wifi.

Everyone stay cool.

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