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We make a right out of the campground. We go over the bridge into Gold City. We make a right onto Route 234. We are relocating today.

We are back on the Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway. We follow the Rogue River. It is daylight. We can see where we are going.

We turn onto Route 62. As we near Shady Cove, we can see the sections of the river that we fished yesterday. We see boats and anglers along the shore.

We enter a National Forest and stop at the Mt Mazama viewpoint. Seven thousand seven hundred years ago, the volcano erupted. What is left is now Crater Lake.

The road through the forest is nice but we are climbing. We started the day at an elevation of 1300 feet. We are crossing the Cascades. We make it over the summit at 5415 feet.

On the east side of the Cascades, we check in at Diamond Lake RV Resort on Diamond Lake. Across the lake, we have a view of Mt Bailey with an elevation of 8,268 feet. It still has snow.

The Diamond Lake Resort and Marina is two miles up the road. It is both a summer and winter resort. We check out the boat rentals. There are many boats on the lake. In the winter, we would be watching snowmobiles.

We continue on the loop-road around Diamond Lake. We pass a T-Bar. No, it is not open. We stop at a boat ramp on the far side of the lake. We can see MT. Thielson with an elevation of 9,182 feet.

We will be here for four nights. Because of the weather, we are going to wait until Monday to visit Crater Lake. If it is raining at this elevation, it may be snow at Crater Lake. We can wait.

Campground: Diamond Lake RV Resort

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