Land Between Lakes and Civil War travel blog

Lots of trees at the campground

We can see the water from our site

Our site is really in the trees and very private

This loop is surrounded my water on 3 sides.

You can see how much space there is between sites

Barges tie up in front of our camping loop waiting to go...

We are on Lake Barkley on the East side of LBL

Arrived at Land Between the Lakes (LBL) today. The Cumberlamd and Tennesee rivers have been damned up to form two lakes. The Land Between the Lakes is the land between these two lakes. Interestingly named Lake Barkley and Lake Kentucky. The TVA created the lakes (we think for power and navigation) but they turned over the running to the Corp of Engineers and the National Forrest Service.

Anyway the campground is a COE (corp of engineers) campground and very nice. We aren't waterfront in this one but we can see the water across the road from our site. We are spending most of our time sightseeing anyway and not sitting by the camper.

Grand Rivers is a small (very small) town. They get a huge amount of dinner trade to the 2 restaurants in town. The summer tourist trade includes a large marina in town, the COE campground we are in with maybe 200 campsites. A large forest service campground 10 miles down the road with maybe 300 campsites. Several small forrest service campgrounds and half a dozen private campgrounds. The wait for dinner was 2 hours. They have waits for lunch (we went down the road and found a pizza hut 2 towns away).

They also have a golf cart rental place in town. Town is so close you can rent the cart and drive it to the campground in 3 minutes. No wifi, only 2 tv networks(abc and pbs-each had 3 channels with hd) but they don't break up. The pbs ones are little strange and 2 of the 3 abc are retro tv. I got to see several "It Takes a Thief" one of my old favorites. So the main entertainment at the campground in the evening seems to be driving around and around the campground in the golf carts. Watching was just as much fun for us as the riding.

We have 3 things to see while here: the Land Between the Lakes of course, the Ohio River Scenic Byway, and Fort Donaldson Civil War Battlefield.

Only pics are of the campground. More later.

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