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Ok.... safe arrival blog take 2!

I had just finished writing this whole entry and when I clicked "done" my entry disappeared. You think I would have learned my lesson with spotty Internet by now!

Anyways, I just wanted to write to say that we arrived safely. After 2 buses, 2 flights, and over 24 hours of travel time we made it to Jinja. Some of the kids from the Koi Koi orphanage came to airport to meet us. They all looked great and it was so great to see them again. All 38 of us piled into our van/bus for the 3+ hour journey to Jinja.

After dropping our bags, registering at the hotel, and exchanging money, we headed over to Wirika for a quick visit. As soon as the kids saw/heard the bus coming they started yelling "mzungu" (white person) and chasing us down the road. It was so great to see so many familiar faces and how much they have all grown! The playground we built last year looks well used. The village store/house for the elders is up and running and the solar panel providing the only light in the village. It also looks like they have had a great growing season, because what was bare last year is FULL of vegetation this year.Before heading back to the hotel for dinner we were invited to Moses and Cecelia's for fresh fruit and bread as a "welcome home"

The hotel isn't the same one we stayed at last year but it is less expensive, is a place to sleep, and has showers - kind of...

The shower situation should be a little interesting. Not quite sure what the plastic basin is for. So far it has been good for filling up and dumping over your head to rinse off. Katelyn and I are fortunate enough to have a hose attached to our faucet so we have lent our basin to those that weren't as lucky!

Now that I have written this entry for a 2nd time and am still just as tired and twice as mosquito bitten - I am off to bed!!! Goodnight!!!!

More to come soon :)

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