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Glass Eyes

Glass cane with its marble

Old marbles from early 20th century

Oldest marble found--1st through 4th Century Egypt

Lunatic Asylum

Our objective to find my family home was accomplished quickly. We spent the day enjoy ing the campground. This is a quiet park with campsites along cedar creek. One reason it is so quiet, is its distance to civilization. No TV, No Phone, No Internet..ARGH!!!! I survived.

It wasn't so bad. The weather turned AC needed. We played lots of Acey Ducey, a backgammon type game played in the NAVY. We sat in the shade and napped. Mia, our cat spent as much time as possible outside. We put her, on a leash and Bob walks her. It always gets looks and comments. While we sat in the shade, we put 2 leashes on her and made a quasi-anchor. She would drag that around and we could keep track of her. If anyone said anything, Bob would tell them she is in training to become a sled kitty. We planned on entering the Ididarod with the first feline team.

We explored nearby towns and found the interesting hamlet of Weston. They have a glass museum. West Virginia is/was a major glass producer. They made everything from carnival glass, agate glassware, objects d'art, cookware, kitchenware, glass for laboratories, glass eyes, marbles, paperweights, etc.

I liked the display showing how they made glass eyes. I remember once seeing glass eyes in a pawn shop. How desparate do you have to be to pawn your prosthetic eye? Who would buy it?

They had quite a collection of paperweights, insulators and marbles. I didn't know that marbles start out with a glass cane. They had pincers with a spherical mold on the end to shape them with. Some of the marbles were the size of golf balls.

And the glass insulators!!! I have a couple of the old green glass insulators. We saw hundreds of them on abandoned telephone poles in Iowa. Bob commented on the variety of colors and sizes. I'll bet someone will collect them up and sell them. It was a very interesting stop.

The other claim to fame for Weston, West Virginia is the Historic Lunatic Asylum. They advertise tours of the asylum on the interstate. It is a huge complex that was a State Hospital built during the Civil War. It changed hands several times, but was always a hospital. Ghost Hunters has made several tours of the buildings. It was a rather grand building and it would be a great hotel/resort. I don't think the Weston has much to offer tourists however. What a shame!

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