Alice and Daniel journey around the Netherlands 2012 travel blog

Arrived at Schiphol at 10h30 all in one piece. Ally managed to sleep through on the plane and Daniel cursed his long legs. Baggage came all in one piece and we managed to get it quite quickly, lucky break!

Arjen and his friend Mathijs arrived there to meet us in a car which was great news! He apologized for his student's car, but it was clean, fast and had built-in GPS! We first went to get a cup of coffee in a coffee shop obsessed with natural products. Everything was biodegradable this and 0 fat that. Hmmm.

Unfortunately we did not qualify for the Kortings cards with the trains but Ally's phone could accept a new sim card which is great news!

We packed all the luggage and went on our way to Soest where Arjen stays. We drove past the old Royal House but our reflexes at that stage were to slowed down to take a picture. We unloaded the car and then went to the local supermarket to buy groceries. Daniel was completely in his element! He went around putting things in the trolley with his eyes closed with pure bliss: first the different cheeses: Amsterdamse, jong belegen, ahhh!!! then the vlokke en hagelslag, kersies (wild cherries), karne melk, kip sate, and stroopwafels. Again we were too busy eating to remember to photograph it but we will soon. Then we took the picnic food to the white sand dunes in Soest. This was a bit strange for us because it basically looked like Kimberley dunes, and we felt a little Kims had come to Holland with us.

Later that night we ate our first patat met oorlog (sate sauce and mayonaise) with krokets (one vleis and one goulash (sp)), proper dutch takeaways. Ally went for a run at eight o'clock whilst it was still light outside and then we literally fell down and slept!

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