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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Anne went to a meeting about beauty products for Amway and Claus and the Americans went to Danfoss Universe. Danfoss is a huge international company that makes thermostats and other similar devices. The company's founder has always been interested in technology and in technology education and

so has developed Danfoss Universe which is devoted to the same. There are sections about energy, the human body, science shows, great playgrounds. There's a building called the “Blue Cube” which includes exhibits from Iceland's exhibit at the Expo in Hamburg in 2000 about volcanoes, glaciers, and geysers. It's a huge blue cube with an ice cave with real ice, a simulated geyser with real water 18 meters high, video of volcanoes. The water power section was really neat;

the kids and Jennifer loved being able to try out the Segways. In a really neat building there was a simulation of a trip through the human body and lots of activities about health and energy.

Got to play with real diggers.There is beautiful planting everywhere. There are other things too, but there was no more time or energy.

The weather was chilly and rainy and a good bit of the stuff was outside.

Made pizza for dinner.

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