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Trolly tour bus

Grandpa and Braxton checking out the sites.

Statue to commerate the cattle drives.

Smell of Money!

More Money!

Fort Dodge officer housing.

Commander's house.

Barrick building that is now a museum.

Old wagon from the 1870's.

What is a Fort without a canon.

Original general store location.

Replica of Dodge City that is now a museum.

Angry cowboys starting a fight

Cowboy thought he could kill and walk away.

Sheriff arrives.

All dead but the sheriff!

Grandpa explaining how a 'flint lock' gun to Jay.

Time Out!

Boot Hill Cementery

Old Cementery...Modern 'stop' sign

Here lies........

Look out behind you!!

Braxton was sharing his music with his buffalo friend

One of the grave markers.

Steam Engine

The boys.

We spent 2 nights at the Watersports Campground. It's called Watersport because of it's location on a lake. However, the lake was low and there was not much to do. No fish or paddle boat rentals.

We took the boys to Boot Hill to see the history of Dodge City. Jaxon just wanted to see the gun fights. We took the Trolley tour. It is a 'site' tour. They take you to places where there use to be places. Original churches, jails, saloons, banks and so on. They could have easily put together a movie at the visitor center and told the same story. We did go past 200 acres of feed lots. They call that the 'smell of money',

The kids did learn how the Buffalo was hunted and how the cattlemen from all over the south brought their herds to market at Dodge City. The railroad was the hub for shipping buffalo hides, meat and bones during the 1870's along with getting cattle to the east for food.

There is a replica of the original Dodge City that is now a museum. The boys enjoyed looking at all the guns and the 'old' stuff.

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