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Del Rio Vineyards

Today we shop and plan. We hate to plan but it is getting close to July 4.

We drive to Grants Pass. We get directions for the local road. Make a left out of the campground. Go over the bridge into Gold Hill and . . . It is better than the Interstate!

We shop at Wal-Mart. Our refrigerator is empty. We get gas for under $4.00. Hurray!

We stop at the Hellgate Jetboat Tour office. We book a trip for Wednesday. The weather should be perfect. The drivers are getting a little antsy. They have not been able to get the customers wet because of the weather. Look out Wednesday!

Back at the RV Park, we call a local fishing guide. We book a trip on the Rogue River for Thursday. Our guide gives us directions to his boat. Make a left out of the campground. Go over the bridge into Gold Hill and . . .

Tuesday we can explore. Tuesday evening we are invited to a BBQ. Jim Badger lives in Medford. John is a friend of his brother and they have fished together in NJ.

We discuss our plans for the weekend. We want to see Crater Lake. There are tour options from here. It would be a long day. We decide to relocate to Diamond Lake next instead of Klamath Falls. Sorry, Gaylord! We will visit Crater Lake on Saturday. This is too much planning! We need a break.

We head to Del Rio Vineyards. We make a left out of the campground. We go over the bridge into Gold Hill and . . . All directions seem to start this way.

At the vineyards, we talk with a mother and daughter from the Bend area. They can get a job with the Chamber of Commerce. Another group of women arrives. After about three minutes, one woman turns to me and asks, “Had any Philly Cheesesteaks lately?” Is my accent that recognizable? Yes. Her in-laws are from Philly.

The wine tasting is great and we learn some local history. The house we are in was a stagecoach stop. One of the first area telegraphs was here. This is a great way to end the day.

Campground: Medford/Gold Hill KOA

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