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Lunch at D'Noz.About $5 US.Oh yeah,that's with a beer!

Hot tubs that they fill with for your individual use.No floating seamen.Get...

Don't know what it is,but will find out.I'll get back to you...

Smoked a joint here while a friend got a massage.Thought it was...

Final feliz?

The guy running this parade was missing a hand.Really!

They love fireworks in Guatemala

Looks homemade.I used to make them as a kid.That's why I have...

I know.It's not Grucci!





Not sure why this guy has to carry that big ass drum


I guess this may be San Juan?

Wheel of death.


I want what this guy is smoking.

Outside my room.

My own personal hammock.

Thanks for the hat Sis.People from Australia think I'm an Aussie when...

As I write this I have some sort of enternal conflict (and yes I know why?)I am in one of the coolest places I've ever been too,but I have this feeling this place may not be conducive to my well being.I guess what it comes down to in life it's that when you finally think you found what you are looking for you realize maybe there's something else? I still don't know.All I can say is that things happen for a reason,good or bad but they're supposed too.I have so much to share,but until you walk in my shoes your perspective will always be different than mine.I hope you enjoy my perspective(my pictures).Bye my friends!

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