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Wednesday June 20, 2012

Legoland is a wonderful amusement park and so much more.

The rides are really interesting – there's a polar section, one that's got a castle and knights, a jungle, a couple with water features, lots of cute Lego characters. The part for small kids features rides made from Duplos.

There's a really fun “ride” that involves propelling a fire engine across a yard to the burning houses and then pumping the water to spray on the burning house, all the while racing the other fire trucks.

The rides are basically cute and fun rather than exciting, though they aren't silly.

The newest part is the polar area and the roller coasters in that part really are exciting

Probably the very best “ride” of all is the “'traffic school” which allows kids to drive Lego cars around a course, following traffic signals and rules. Owen just made it under the age limit. Elena could drive, too.

The traffic school has been there for a long time. Claus got his got his “driver's license” there in about 1970.

Of course, our favorite of all, is “Miniland” which is several acres of ground covered by beautifully rendered miniature buildings and villages.

There are famous palaces, churches,

an oil rig in the north sea, a lock system in the Swedish mountains, the Copenhagen airport,

Mount Rushmore, the most beautiful village street in Denmark, a movie set in Hollywood, Kennedy space center, and much, much more. New is a very large Star Wars area, with scenes from all the movies.

There are trees and flowers, all carefully tended. Cars drive around, boats move in the canals, airplanes, taxi on the runways. Could spend hours just in that part.

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