Dennehy's Summer USA 2012 travel blog

Bob and his wildlife

Lake Michigan aka 'midwest ocean'

126 ft. tall sand dune - Mt Baldy

Mt Balday swallowing trees

trail to the top

near the top

the top - towering over the trees

view from the top

Bob waiting for MY climb to be over

Today was a really great day. Everything went as planned - no breakage.

My good was VERY good and Bob had coffee.

WE left the campground at 9:30am after loading up the refrigerator.

Destination: Dodgeville, Wisconsin near Madison.

First a side trip to Indiana Dunes National Seashore and my first stamp in my National Park Pass Book for this trip. Yea!! It's a start.

These dunes run along Lake Michigan for 15 miles at the southern shore between Gary and Michigan City. Michigan is the thhird largest of the five Great Lakes. There is water farther than the eye can see. It looks like an ocean.

We unhitched the car from the RV and drove along the waterfront wih the top down. and Then went to Mt Baldy. It's a sand dune that is 126 ft high - swallowing any trees in its way.

There is a path to climb to the top. Well I was there and it was there so I just needed to climb and see the view. Those of you who know me well know how I feel about sand so for me to even think about hiking a sand dune was a feat.

It was a challenge but worth the effort - the sand was deep, soft and warm.

The view was beautiful.

Bob patiently held down the fort at a picnic table in the parking lot (someone had to do it).

We then headed west to Joliet, Illinois before heading north towards Madison. We wnated to make sure we didn't get too close to Chicago and its infamous traffic.

After the turn north we got off the interstate and traveled a US Highway. I cannot descibe the view enough to really do it justice. Illinois and into Wisconsin was all rolling hills with trees and lush green farms as far as the eye could see in any direction.

It was beyond beautiful - no billboards and no trash. It's amazing to travel and see how much open land there is in America. We had bright blue sky with big puffy clouds and a temperature drop from the last few days

We got into the campground at 5:15 pm new time (6:15pm est) - new time zone for us.

We finally met up with our Oak Point friends - Gerhard and Cheryl Fritz, Carl and Annette wertz and Paul and Shirley Voegtlin. They made supper for us.

It was a loveley evening. We will be splitting again from them for a few days because they saw one of our stops here today that I want to see and we missed it and I found a stop in Iowa I would like to see.

All in all, today really felt like a vacation day.

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