John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog

Coast Highway

Agate Hunting

Agate Hunting

Watch The Waves

Got One

Gold Beach

Got Another


Another Sparrow

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

Another Gull

Oregon Coast

Oregon's Highest

Best Picture

Our Hiking Trail

Our Hiking Trail


We Almost Miss The Sign

New RV Park

Redwoods at the Park

Redwoods at the Park

Big Rig Lane

That's Us

We leave our park today and cross to the south side of the Rogue River for breakfast. The Rogue River stop has been enjoyable.

As we head out of Gold Beach, we find the Visitor Center. They have information on California. They have an agate display. They have access to the beach. We have plenty of time so we go for a walk.

Gold Beach is outstanding for agate hunting. The agates in the visitor center are opaque. If this defines an agate, we find many today. In any case, we both return to the RV with a pocket full of rocks.

We continue south on Route 101. It is foggy but we stop for pictures. The Oregon Coast continues to impress us.

We cross Oregon’s highest bridge. At the turnout, we take a short hike in hopes of getting a better bridge picture. It is a great trail but it leads to the beach not to the bridge.

We stop in Brookings for lunch. Brookings is the last city in Oregon. They grow Easter Lilies here but it is not the season for lilies.

We cross the state line and get our welcome to California picture. Our RV Park has a grove of redwoods. Expect many tree pictures.

Campground: Crescent City KOA

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