Land Between Lakes and Civil War travel blog

Our campsite is right on the water

There is a boat landing and a parking lot for the boat...

Morrings are first come first serv-but there seem to be plenty There...

This view is also from our site

This seems to be a permanent resident

Arrived at the campground around 2:30. The people in the site before us wanted to stay another night but the campground said no because we had the site reserved - so they wouldn't leave. We didn't have to deal with them-the rangers went by and couldn't find them (they were out on their boat). So we couldn't register until 5:30. There is a historic area in the park-there was a civil war "skirmish" for control of the road and a bridge which the Union won. It contributed to West Virginia being able to split from the south. So while waiting we went to the museum, hiked the trail, and looked at period houses.

We got to know the people in the site next door who told us all about the folks who wouldn't leave. The man arrived drunk, started to put up a tent but never got beyond spreading it out on the ground and then fell asleep on top of it (he spent the night that way). The next day the wife, another women, and a bunch of kids showed up. All adults spent their entire stay drunk. Apparently lots of arguments-between adults, between kids, and between adults and kids.

Next door neighbors told us they were really glad to see us arrive. I got a lesson in using a dutch oven with charcaol. They invited us over for desert (from the dutch oven) and a campfire the night before they left. That's how we heard all about the drunks.

The campground is georgous, we had a lakefront site. No phone signals, no tv, and no wifi however. All we had to do was sit by the lake and read. It was great. By the end of the third day I was missing wifi-but Dale was still loving it.

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