John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog


By the Rogue River

On Left - Road to RV Park. John on Right

A Lot Of Rocks!

River Otter

I See It!

The Rogue River


And Chicks

And More Chicks

A Lot of Chicks!

Mail Boat Is Coming

The Mail Boat - Wave!

We are in no rush today. We have a late breakfast. We cross the bridge and head up the Rogue River on the south side.

A kitten crosses the road in front of us. That is not a kitten. It stops on the side of the road. I get a picture. We are almost certain it is a Bobcat. It is going to be a great day.

We find Huntley Park. We ask at the office if this is a day use area. The answer is yes. Can we drive on the sand bar? The answer is yes. I love Oregon.

The woman I speak with escorts us to the bar. Maybe she needs a break from pulling weeds. She agrees that our picture is of a Bobcat.

John fishes and I look at rocks. John calls to me. “In front of you!” How can he see an agate from way back there? Again, he calls. “Right in front of you!” I look up in time to see a river otter.

A merganser with over thirty chicks swims by. What is that about? They are fun to watch. They can move fast when they want to. On Monday, our captain made the comment that they also have jet engines.

Speaking of our captain, a jet boat goes by us. We wave to our captain. He recognizes John. I think it is the hat! Later, I get a picture of the Mail Boat as it passes. It is blue instead of red. It holds fewer people. I think they use it for shorter trips.

Eventually, John joins me in my hunt for agates. We may have found a couple. We always think we have. It is a relaxing day.

Back at the RV Park, we tell our hosts that we want to see a myrtlewood tree. They look at us and turn their heads. That’s one. Myrtlewood trees border the back of the park. Now, we know what myrtlewood looks like! All you have to do is ask.

Tomorrow: “California, here we come . . .”

Campground: Four Seasons RV

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