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Hey everyone!!! I know it's been awhile and I kind of dropped the ball on last years trip, never finishing the blog, but I vow to do better this time around!

***For anyone that no longer wants to receives these notifications please let me know and I can delete you from the update list.***

Quick update: In the last year I moved to Florida to take a position teaching 3rd grade special education. I got really lucky and ended up at a great school. I enjoyed my first year working there and met some great people too. I currently live in a house with 2 girls (Lauren and Shellie) and Lauren's boyfriend Dmitri aka "the Russian". It took a few months but I found a dance studio down there that offers adult tap classes, so I am still dancing as well. I am hoping to continue at the same job next year but have heard nothing official yet, although my principal has ensured me not to worry. (fingers crossed).

What is next you ask?? Well I flew back up to New York about a week ago now and have just been getting things organized, spending time with the family, and catching up with old friends. Late next Wednesday night we (me and members of The Giving Circle Africa) will begin the long journey to get to Uganda. This year we are continuing the work we did last year as well as helping to build/open the Kagoma Gate School. This school is located in a forgotten village on the outskirts of an old sugar cane plantation and is home to many poor struggling African families. This is the first school these people have ever had. We will also be revisiting the women's prison, which I am really excited about. Lots to do!!

Upon returning from Uganda I will have about a week to adapt back to East Coast time before heading off again, this time with my family. We will be traveling through British Columbia and Yukon Territories, as well as Alaska. Also very excited for all the adventures here!!!

So once I get underway I will do my best to update as much as possible! This year I will be bringing my own computer with me, so my only obstacles will be the spotty electricity/internet and my own laziness!

Post again soon!

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