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There is a saying that things happen in Three's. I does seem to be the case. But for this particular trip, the number four seemed be work just fine.

We left with our load of spinach heading for North Carolina last week, and had only gotten a couple hours down the road when......BOOM! A trailer tire blew out! Amazingly, there was a truck stop within a mile. We were on US HWY 101 near the California coast. A call to our Road Assist department began the process of them looking for another tire. Since there was nothing to speak of for big shops in the area, they opted to just put on a used, recap on the service call. Well, the tire they put on was terrible! Flat spots and bad casing! Jim had his doubts that it would even make it to NC! By the time the tire-fix-it guy left, we had lost 2 hrs. of time. We headed out again, making it to Interstate 5 and pulled into a truckstop for lunch. Walking back to check the tire, Jim's suspicions proved correct. Air was leaking out of the casing and the tire was almost flat. Then, we noticed our A/C had stopped pumping cold air and our alternator was reading too low. That meant we lost an engine belt. Sure enough, the belt was snapped off. This was our trucks 4th belt in 5 years!!! Definitely a engineering mistake. After the 3rd break, I decided to keep an extra belt on hand, just in case! So, while we were waiting to get into ANOTHER tire repair place, Jim expertly replaced the belt. At least we had A/C while sitting in 112 degree weather. And three hours later.....we left with another recap on the trailer. We made it to New Mexico before number 4 arrived. I had just woke and was sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for Jim to pull off at the next truckstop. We decided to take a shower and have lunch, when........SMACK!!!! Something flew thru the air and hit the windshield! The impact made a bullet shaped mark, spreading about 6 inches across! Thankfully, it didn't go all the way thru, the glass on the inside was intact. Unless we get pulled into a scale house and inspected, we should be OK driving to NC to deliver. I suppose getting all these repairs taken care of in one trip was a good thing......over and done with! Safelite met us the next day at a truckstop and replaced our windshield in an hour! Great company policy and they did a terrific job! And best of all, our new windshield doesn't leak like our old one did! :) That was plenty of excitement for one trip, I thought. We picked up our resin, bound for Colorado......wondering if we were heading into the fires burning throughout the state. It had been years since we delivered over in the Rockies and while I dreaded the thought of the possible dangers, I was looking forward to the views. I have lots of pictures and info to share on my next journal!

Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for [He is] good! For His mercy [endures] forever. Psalms 118:29

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