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elephant gate at Carlsberg Brewery

Almond Cake

Rasmus, Casper and Claus

Viking Grave site

Viking Grave

Casper, Owen, Elena and Jim

getting ready to go up

platform high in the trees

very high up

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Got great stuff at the bakery again, cleaned the the apartment, took the bus to the central train station and put our bags in lockers. We went to the Carlsburg Brewery and took the tour. You no longer see any part of the actual brewery, so it's not really worth it . The exhibits are nice, but it's not that great. The elephant statues are neat, though.

Went to Christianborg Slot in the Town Hall Square. Christanborg Slot (Palace) is a royal building used by the Queen for royal functions like the New Year's Assembly and welcoming State Visitors. We couldn't see the public rooms this time because there is a state visit from China going on at this time. We visited the chapel where royal weddings and christenings take place and where royals are laid out when they die. We looked at the ruins under the castle, discovered during excavation in 1913. The ruins were limestone walls,the castle built by Bishop Absolom, the founder of Copenhagen in 1167 and brick walls, the remains of the slightly later, "Copenhagen Castle."

Had a Danish hot dog with remolade and Danish onions and some ice cream and went to the train station to catch the train for Sonderborg at 4:30.

The trip on the train took about four-and-a-half hours;

Claus and Casper met us at the train to take us home where Rasmus was waiting. Had ice cream and strawberries

and visited for a long time before we went to bed.

Weather – occasional very brief showers; occasionally breezy; mild;

Monday June 18, 2012

We had been planning to go to Legoland today because Claus had taken a day off work and Rasmus a day off school, but the forecast is for heavy rain this afternoon, so we drove out to look at a stone-age grave from 3,500 years ago this morning. It is in the forest, only a few hundred yards from the sea, up on the hillside.

It's surrounded by 69 stones that had to have been moved there. There aren't many stones in Denmark and most of them have been moved from the the ancient graves to be used for other purposes - houses, bridges - long ago. This afternoon we went to a big store that has lots and lots of beautiful things for making classy paper projects - sort of a glorified AC Moore meets Tiffanys. (It did rain heavily this afternoon.)

Tuesday June 19, 2012

Drove south into Germany to a tree-tops-climbing-park.

Jim, Casper, Owen and Elena got fitted with the harnesses and helmets and got the training and then climbed up in the trees. They did three of the courses.They climbed up, crossed horizontal ladder-type things, ziplines, rollers, tires, ropes and swings. Casper climbed wa-a-a-a-y up and rode a bike along across between two trees, too.

It was a great thing! It would be a fun thing for kids to do. Once they were experienced at it, they could stay for 4 hours and the cost is about $21 for adults, only $13 for kids Owen's age, less for Elena. There were lots of school groups there today.They had a lot of staff and really good training. Anne had a golf event she had to go to so we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening around home.

Weather was cloudy this morning, but cleared off this afternoon.

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