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New Park

High Water Marks

1964 Was Higher

The Rogue River

Captain, Jeff

Great Start

We Head Up River

Wild Azalea


River Otter

1964 Water Over the Bridge

AM Break

Jet Boat

We Continue Up River

Merganser Family

Nice, . . .

Roots Split the Rock!

We Create Our Own Waves . . .

. . . And Chase Them Down

The Canyon Narrows


Our Furthest Point

Another Way To Travel

Making A Spray

Lunch - Notice The Sign

1964 High Water!


More Spray!

At 9:15, the jet boat picks us up at our dock. Our Captain, Jeff, introduces himself. It is going to be a great day.

The Rogue River was one of the first five rivers in the US designated as Wild and Scenic. At one time, there were three dams but two were removed. The one dam remaining is further upstream than the Salmon or Steelhead spawn. It remains for flood control.

Nineteen sixty-four was the worst year in recent history for flooding. Water was over one of the bridges we pass. We see high water marks along the trip and at our RV Park. We see pictures of high water at our lunch stop. I still cannot visualize it.

We see ospreys, an eagle and a family of mergansers. We see a river otter. We see deer.

The scenery is great and gets better the further we travel upstream. We are in a canyon. The last section of the river has the larger rapids. I am glad we are on the long trip.

The best part of the day is the jet-boat ride. Our captain’s grandfather started this business. Our captain grew up on the river. He stops the boat along the way and tells stories. However, most of all he likes to play.

He turns the boat to the right and left just because he can. He aims at any stake or rock sticking out of the water and lets the boat slide around it. Occasionally, he feels the need to spin the boat all the way around.

At one point, the river was a little calm. He puts all three engines in reverse to create waves. We rock over the waves. He turns the boat and chases them down. Sometimes you have to create your own fun.

For effect, he throws the center engine in reverse. Water sprays up on both sides of the boat.

Near the end of the trip, he has one more trick up his sleeve. He points out a stake. “I want to come within two inches.” We are all watching the stake as he slides the boat. A wave soaks everyone on the boat.

The captain sounds so sincere when he says, “Ah, that shouldn’t have happened. How close did I come? I couldn’t see. I had water in my eyes!” As if he did not know what was going to happen. We have a great time!

Campground: Four Seasons RV

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