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My eyes hurt. Is it because I'm at an altitude of 8500 feet and the sun is stronger? Could it be from driving thru the Colorado Rockies, taking in one picture perfect view after another, while watching for mule deer and big horn sheep in the road? Do I have a vitamin deficiency? Am I looking up too many facts on the internet? Maybe I think too much. Jim would say "yes". But they hurt; so I am just going to catch up on where we are and where we have been, filling in the details later.

After dropping our load in Stockton California, we deadheaded 149 miles to Gonzales to getting produce going to Bessemer City, North Carolina. It was a whole load of spinach; a veggie I've grown to appreciate over the years. Only 2579 miles, but being produce it needed to get there ASAP! Well, we had a few setbacks. I will tell about that next time.

Two and a half days later, after delivering our spinach we picked up a load of plastic resin??? or something like that. Large buckets of heavy stuff anyway, going to Montrose, Colorado 1708 miles away that delivered on Monday. We had enough extra time to stop in to see our youngest son and his wife, having a delicious homemade meal! It was such a treat!

Now we are leaving Colorado, deadheading over 500 miles to Liberal, Kansas to pick up a meat load going to Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania for Thursday. Whew! I am finally caught up. I just have to fill in the details; there has been SO MUCH that has happened! But my eyes are sore and I just want to close them. Maybe I need to try Visine?

One quick note, something that has NEVER happened to be in all these years of trucking. I was walking thru the parking lot, into the truckstop to mail a letter. A local sheriff drove up next to me, asking where I was going. Confused, I told him "I'm paying my bills!?" showing him my letter. It took a couple of seconds for my brain to fully comprehend where he was going with this questioning even after he asked, "Are you a truck driver?". "Of course I'm a truck driver!" I exclaimed! With a big smile on his face, he apologized, explaining that there are often women who "work" the parking lot and he was just checking. LOL! I couldn't believe it! And still not sure how I should take it!

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