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Cape Blanco

Where's The Lighthouse

Lots of Cow Parsnip

Cape Blanco Lighthouse in the Fog

It's There!

Want A Job?

Important To Keep The Light Burning

Top of the Lens

Looking Down


Well Marked Route

Ocean Views and Fog Bank

Port Orford Docks

Fog Bank


Life Boat Station

The Boat

Motto: You have to go out . . .You don't have to...

The Station

Making Dog Tags

Short Trail

Wild Foxgloves



Still Foggy

Big Tree

Finally, I Get My Sign Picture!

Happy Father’s Day. Traveling south, our first stop today is the Cape Blanco State Park. The Cape Blanco Lighthouse is the ninth and last on the Oregon Coast. If anyone is counting, I missed Cape Meares.

Supposedly, the views from this lighthouse are spectacular! We pull into the first parking area. This is crazy. Is there a lighthouse here? It is foggy!

We talk with another of the Oregon volunteers drawn to our rig. He also owns a Coach House RV.

The volunteer opens a gate at ten o’clock. We drive to the lighthouse on a single lane road. There it is! I can see the lighthouse. I cannot see anything else but the lighthouse I can see.

We sign up for the tour. To my surprise, John climbs to the top with me. I must be a bad influence on him. It is his first lighthouse climb!

Before leaving the lighthouse, I ask where the road back is. It is the road we came up. “But that is one lane,” I protest. “It is the only road we have.” Fortunately, we do not meet any cars as we travel back.

We drive slowly through Port Orford. We are looking for the “Ocean Views” sign. We both break out laughing. “Ocean Views” is painted on the street with an arrow. I like a well-marked route!

The views are wonderful but we can still see the fog bank sitting on the coast. We talk with a couple from the Netherlands. They have traveled many times to the US and are visiting many of the same places we are visiting. Nice people!

Still in Port Orford, we find the Port Orford Lifeboat Station Museum. Another Oregon Volunteer greets us. We see the lifeboat and tour the coast guard house. I get pictures of the wild foxglove.

We walk a short trail to an overlook. We talk with a couple from England. They live part time in the US and their grandson from Scotland is visiting with them. Again, nice people!

The drive from Port Orford to Gold Beach is spectacular. But, we leave the ocean behind as we pass through the Humbug Mountain State Park.

The Humbug Mountain was once named Sugarloaf Mountain. Its name was changed to Tichenor’s Humbug as the result of a mistake made by an 1851 exploring party sent out of Port Orford by Captain Tichenor. That is all I know.

Before we reach Gold Beach, we turn east. E-A-S-T! We are staying on the north bank of the Rogue River. Tomorrow we are picked up at the park for a 104-mile round trip jet boat tour.

Campground: Four Seasons RV Resort

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