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Sawblade from Myrtlewood Factory

Factory Tour

Coquille River Lighthouse

Coquille River Lighthouse

The Jetty

The Jetty

The Beach

The Beach

Yesterday we took the Cape Arago Loop bypassing Coos Bay. Today we travel north to Coos Bay.

We stop at the Oregon Connection. It is known as the Myrtlewood House. We enjoy a personalized tour of the factory by the owner. I buy my myrtlewood putter.

We stop at Bullards Beach State Park. It is two miles north of Bandon on the north bank of the Coquille River. The Coquille River Lighthouse is here.

I get to climb the twenty-nine steps to the top. I have a long talk with the volunteer.

Bandon was rebuilt after a 1936 fire destroyed the entire business district and most of the residences. The addition of The Dunes Golf Course in the 1970’s has helped the economy.

The lighthouse is a river lighthouse. It was built before the jetties. There is a ship under one of the jetties. The ship ran ashore and no one wanted to remove it. They built the jetty over it.

While I am in the lighthouse, John walks the beach that is covered in driftwood. We would spend more time here but fog rolls in. As we get ready to leave, we can no longer see the end of the jetty.

We stop at a jam store in Bandon. Bandon is the Cranberry Capital of Oregon. We also stop at a hand blown glass store.

Tomorrow, we head to Gold Beach.

Campground: KOA Bandon/Port Orford

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