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Wake up to Hindi morning prayer chants at 5:30 and chai chai guys hawking their brew down the aisles. The young couple who left and cuddled all nite and slept in late were replaced by an older couple who coughed and snored and turned on the light at 4:30am when they couldn't sleep anymore. Train on time into Delhi at 6:30am, platform packed with people, porters, and packaged goods loading & unloading. Indians are so used to crowded places that making our way is really no hassle and street side motor rickshaws are plentiful. Thirty minutes later we're walking for the first time in 36+ hours on the street towards Ajay Guesthouse. They have 24 hour ck in/out so we opt to wait until 11am to ck in (our train for Jammu leaves @ 8:30pm tomorrow). Bon goes to their on site internet, I eat breakfast.

We meet Fiona and Kevin from Australia who've just come from Ladk and Nepal. 405 Actually, afternoon was spent in internet uploading photos for 5 hours. At dinner Kevin & Fiona came in from their Bollywood movie and we had a long chat...Bon did alot of it. Kevin has visited this area quite a bit on his holiday breaks from being a self employed carpenter. Fiona works in government IT both from Brisbane. Kevin has been at the Everest Marathon the last 2 years, just coming from the most recent one. Does a lot of hiking and mountain biking. We hope to visit them in Aussie-land this fall (their spring).

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