Rose & Michael's Southwest Trek 2012 travel blog

After lovely hot tubbing, snuggling, snoggling, and Steve's Famous Scrambled Eggs served with home grown bacon, we hit the road for the last (very short) leg home. We arrived in time for Michael to shave before meeting Kate's plane.

The RV is mostly unpacked but not cleaned yet. It was HOT here today! And not that nice dry desert hot we've gotten used to. Bay Area Humid type hot. Nonethless,we're home.

What did we learn from this trip? We knew that we could travel well together but now we know that we can do it for an extended time. We learned that Moon Dance is reliable at altitude and at high temperatures. We re-learned that we still love the desert.

The high point of the trip for Michael was finding that the Kingman Turquoise Mine was still alive and producing, even though he couldn't tour the mine but only shop in their store.

The high point for me was finding the site of my former home in Flagstaff, even though all that remained of the house was a chimney and fireplace.

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