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We left Jericho nice and early, not knowing where we were going to stop for the night. Checked out the supposedly pretty town of Saphire, but unless we were actually going to go fossicking there wasn't much there for us and it was only 10.30am so we thought we'd keep moving on to the next big-ish town, Emerald. We'd heard there was on ok free stay next to a very pretty botanical garden. We drove around Emerald, it's pretty big, has a Big W, Coles, Woolies etc, then we came across the free stay near the botanical gardens. Decided in around 10seconds that wasn't for us! Vans were parked directly under the railway bridge (trains filled with cattle cross daily) and it was maybe 10metres off the main highway. Not a great spot with an active toddler and it was just on lunch time, Max had fallen asleep in the car so again we decide to keep traveling east. In our camps book was a free stay at Bedford Weir 27ks north of Blackwater, another 2hrs away. So we thought we'd aim for there.

Kids were very good and slept almost the whole way to the weir. What a find! We've had some great free stays in the last week or two and this is another great one. Totally free is a very well maintained park area on the Mkenzie River and Weir. There is a caretaker here and free toilets and HOT showers! How good is that! It's exactly like a caravan park without the $33 (our average)per night cost. I went and had a chat with the caretaker this arvo cos I was finding it hard to believe a council would fund this. Apparently this area was left to the council in someone's Will and it is to remain always as a free camp area for anyone that wishes to use it. The caretaker and his wife (who clearly loves baking) offer catered morning teas and catered happy hours and everything.

Breaking NEWS: The chase for the elusive yellow belly has concluded!! Finally, Dylan was able to jag an edible fish!! And it was delicious, cooked in the weber. Hopefully there will be more to come! I'm told the chase is now on to catch a coral trout.

Heading for Rockhampton tomorrow, I think the busy-ness of the coast will take a bit to get used to after these lovely free camps.

Kms travelled - 5793

Edible fish caught - 1!

Jess driving hours - 4!

Books read - Dylan - 2, Jess - 0 (who does more work?)

Weeks away - 6

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