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Still not a clue what I'm doing.

The pretty one is Julie.

Cake at my Spanish class

Boat ramp leaving Panachel

View from hotel the first night


I'm betting that's a real chicken foot print

Tuk-tuk.Local taxi

Cool chairs





Local water taxi



San Pedro dock

View of town from kayak

San Pedro volcano

I stayed on the second floor for 2 nights.About 5 US Dollars...

I know some people who could apperciate this coffee house.

Local grown beans,and the steamed milk ain't bad either.

Ok I'm pissed off because I had 3 days worth of bloggging material and when I came to add some photos everthing was gone.And since I'm sooo busy I dont want to reenter all the info.So here is some of it!

Today was full of mixed emotions.On one hand I was glad to be leaving Xela because of the noise and traffic,but on the other hand I would be leaving some nice people that I may never see again.I guess I better get used to it because there is still a lot I want to see. I had no classes today cause I was headed to San Pedro at 3pm I decided to stop by a local bakery and buy a cake to say "thanks" to everyone at my school.Come to find out it was also one of the directors B-Day so we had 2 cakes.After some pics and held back tears I said some final goodbyes and headed back to my place to pack.Here in Guate there is no real schedule.3 means about 3:45 and that held true for when my 3pm shuttle to San Pedro finally arrived.Also direct has different meanings depending on who you ask and this held true as well.My direct shuttle meant in Espanol that I would have 3 stops so I guess direct means you will eventually get there.

I arrived in Panachel around 7 or so and meet a few new people along the way.It's funny how easy it is to meet new people traveling.And some of the people you meet you run into again down the road so you never know who your gonna see on your next chicken bus ride.Panachel is one of about 12 towns along Lago Atitlan.Lake Atitlan is an extinct volcano that was filled with fresh water at the end of the last ice age.I planned on staying in Pana for the night and then catching a boat for about a halfs hour ride across the lake to San Pedro.For keeping this blog short,and so you don't fall asleep while reading it some things will be left out.After a nice evening with some new friends I meet on the bus to Pana it was time to hit the sack(alone).

I will safe the details of the boat ride but for my peeps on LI it was similiar to a ferry ride to Fire Island.Now that I was back in San Pedro I felt a little bit at home cause I had been here a few weeks ago.I knew where I would stay,knew of some cool places and people to see,so I was good.The only thing I didn't have was a new Spanish school.

I stopped in one of the more known Spanish schools in San Pedro.After some small talk he told me of a girl renting a house that would wind up introducing me to my new teacher Maria.Since I'm being vauge on details I was also in town where I meet another girl on my shuttle to San Pedro who is taking lesssons there now too.It just goes back to my point earlier how easy it is to meet people and become friends.

Today is actually Tuesday 6/19/2012 and part of why I'm sparing some details is because I had already typed a shit load of stuff that some how was not saved?I will leave this post like this.If San Pedro was easier to get too, this place would be in the top 10 places of places to see.But since the logictics of this place, the buildings don't get the proper finishing they deserve.But one thing that is common is that many people love this place and are proud to call home.

Oh yea my weekend was filled with studying and relaxing.Well the relaxing part is true.Stay tuned for more not so exciting adventures!

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