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Day Use Area

A Place To Climb


We Hike

And We Hike

And We Climb

And We Rest

And We Rest

What A View

Keep Going

Top of the World

European Grass

Sliding Down

Walking Down

Is This Our Trail?

Siltcoos Beach

The Beach


Siuslaw River

The Jetty

Wild Strawberry

Jetty Parking

More Climbing

Back Down

ATV Staging Area

For ATV's

For ATV's

For ATV's

For ATV's

For ATV's

For ATV's

For ATV's

For ATV's

For ATV's

For ATV's

Update: The Japanese Barge was really a Japanese Dock. Newport is undecided what to do. Some want it to stay as a tourist attraction. Others want it cleaned up. In addition, who should pay for the cleanup of debris yet to arrive?


The Foredune is a low hill parallel to the ocean. European beach grass slows the wind, causing sand to drop out and pile up. The grass was planted in the early 1900’s. In just 50 years huge mats of vegetation formed where there was once open sand. Land managers are exploring ways to control the grass.

Behind the foredune, the wind scours out the Deflation Plain all the way down to the water table and provides an area for plants to thrive.

The Oblique Dunes are the largest and most spectacular dunes sometimes growing as tall as 180 feet and pushing inland 3 to 16 feet per year.

Today we continue to explore the dunes. We stop at the Oregon Dunes Day Use Area, The Siltcoos Beach and the South Jetty Dunes and Beach.

This is truly a recreation area. There are campgrounds, boat ramps, picnic areas, parking for beach access, parking for hiking and staging areas for the ATV’s.

We are outside all day. We hike. We climb the dunes for better pictures. We watch the ATV’s. We talk with people along the way. I meet one couple from Australia who ask me questions about the parking passes. I guess to them, I am a local!

We have lunch again in Florence. Back in Reedsport, we finally stop at the Dunes National Recreation Area Visitor Center. I get my stamp!

It is difficult to pick what pictures to post! Tomorrow, we will head further south.

Campground: Winchester Bay RV Resort

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