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heading for the hills

through the Italian tunnels

corn fiels? grapevines?

rich river flood plain


more mountains

The original plan had been to drive into Switzerland stopping just over the border. However Mike was enjoying the scenery and the driving so much we drove all the way to Lausanne. This was fortunate as the next day, when it wasn't raining it was overcast and misty with poor visibility. OK for driving but not for scenery at a distance.

I was in the front for the section approaching the Italian/Swiss border so that's when my photos were taken. None of Switzerland.

Crops that we weren't expecting: Paddy fields of Rice in Italy and grapes in Switzerland.

The only animals seen on the Italian side were horses. I was getting a bit afraid that even Switzerland would be without cows! But they were there, thank goodness! and so were cow bells, pictures and even cows etched onto glass used as decoration all over the place.

Other memories:

Banks of solar panels. We had seen these on our entry into Italy too.

Churches and monasteries perched on hill tops.

Villages tucked into valleys or clinging to hillsides.

Our entrance to Switzerland was via the St Bernard Grand tunnel. On the way we had reached a height of 1800 metres.

And then there was the toilet! At the first village over the border we stopped for a bite of lunch. At 3 o'clock the ktichen was closed for lunch but they obligingly made a cheese, ham and mustard sandwich in chunky slices of fresh bread. Fantastic.

And THEN the toilet. When the button was pushed the toilet seat ROTATED through a little 'car wash' thingy and came out sparkling clean and dry, ready for the next customer!

WE were MOST impressed! SO much so that I forgot to take a photo!

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