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Ilfracombe to Jericho was around a 2 and a half hour drive and thanks to Dylan's state of origin hang-over I got to drive!

We'd chatted to people in Ilfracombe about places on the way to Rockhampton and they said Jericho is a nice quiet little town and you could either camp at the showgrounds with power, toilets and hot showers for a fee, or you could camp down on the river with toilets and no power for free. So we arrived in Jericho and checked out both spots, showgrounds weren't very exciting but along the river was beautiful. It was really well maintained, and looked just like a caravan park without the toilet block and office. We went for the river camp. As with many of the free camps there were heaps of other vans already there and we were amazed at how many rolled in in such a short time in the arvo. We stayed two nights and both nights there were around 40 other vans there but everyone is fairly spread out so it doesn't feel busy like some parks.

We found Jericho a lot like Cowwarr, a nice quiet little town, one shop, one pub. We were able to walk in to town and go for a play at the park. Each time we've been out walking in the last three towns I always feel like we'll be lucky to make it back to the van without getting mauled! There are massive scary pig dogs almost in every yard! Mum would definitely not like it!!

We chucked the pot in a nearby damn and brought back 5 red claw, one really massive one, we couldn't believe he could actually fit through into the net. Max loves holding them and you should see him eat them! He snatches em up before either Dylan or I can get to them! Dylan spent some time fishing as the locals had said they'd been catching big yellow belly a few days before but once again we got nothing!! Not giving up just yet though! Not sure where we'll head when we leave here, I'd like to check out sapphire and rubyvale in the gemfields but not sure if we'll want to stay there or not.

Weather is great, shorts and singlets throughout most of the day and the mornings aren't too cold. I've finally been able to do some hand washing! It's been far too cold of a morning to do it up until now and it wasn't getting dry. Will save lots of money as each load is $4-$5 in parks and we do plenty!

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