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The Broken Yoke

Grass Seed For Everyone

The Willamette River

Fishing The Willamette

Fishing The Willamette

Fishing The Willamette

Browns Landing


It's A Wildflower

And So Is This

Bob and John

Bob and John

Territorial Highway

We start the morning laughing. Last night, I asked our KOA host to recommend a breakfast restaurant. This morning I cannot find The Cracked Egg in the GPS. I pick up the Corvallis map. The restaurant is The Broken Yoke. “Cracked Egg” “Broken Yoke” What is the difference?

Corvallis is a college town. Oregon State University is here. I like the town and the restaurant. There are many one-way streets but we have no problem navigating or finding parking.

We head to Junction City. Bob Avery moved here twenty years ago. John and Bob knew each other growing up in Absecon. Bob has a meeting in the morning but may be able to join us for lunch.

The GPS takes us to Browns Landing on the Willamette River in Junction City. It is a nice wayside. John fishes. I take pictures of very tiny wildflowers. After fifteen minutes, Bob calls. He is out of his meeting and directs us to a restaurant close by in Eugene. Our timing is perfect.

We have a great lunch with great conversation! Before leaving, Bob gives us directions to Territorial Road to avoid the Interstate. He compares it to Shore Road in NJ. It is a great road!

Note to Bob: We need to give you a refresher course on NJ. NJ is flat. Shore Road is straight. There are no forests lining Shore Road. Other than that, Territorial Road and Shore Road are identical! Like I said, we loved Territorial Road and it was a great lunch!

We arrive at Elkton RV. It is on the Umpqua River. The park is beautiful but the fishing is not yet good. This is a good thing. Woodalls never mentioned that this park has no showers. Oops! Tomorrow we head back to the coast.

Campground: Elkton RV

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