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Top of South Falls - Notice The Trail!

South Falls

South Falls

The Bridge at the Bottom

My Trail

My Trail

177 Feet

About Half Way to the Bottom

At the Bottom

Heading Up

Behind The Falls

Pretty Cool . . .

. . . and Damp!

Heading Up

The Trail Behind the Falls



Oregon Iris


It is a beautiful, sunny day. We are not on the coast.

We travel east to a Wal-Mart. We travel north to Silver Falls State Park.

The roads are good. There is a lot of twisting and turning, as we get close to the park. We find the parking lot for “day use”. We are disappointed that there is no Visitor Center. We find a nature store. Here we get a map and information.

The South Falls are the falls that are pictured in the advertisements for this state park. A short walk from the parking lot takes us to the top of South Falls. They are the tallest of the falls and beautiful.

A “short” loop hike takes me to the bottom of South Falls. As I climb back toward the top, I pass behind the falls. The picture of people walking behind the falls is what captured my attention when researching this trip.

There are longer hikes. The Trail of Ten Falls looks wonderful on the map. However, it is a much longer hike than I am prepared for. I do enough climbing today that I am satisfied.

It took us an hour to get to the park. Was it worth it? I guess it was. I get to walk behind a waterfall.

We allow the GPS to take us on I5 for twenty minutes as we head back to camp. For us twenty minutes on the interstate is an eternity! Tomorrow, we head to the Umpqua River. We will not need to take the interstate.

Side Note: The county we are in is the Grass Seed Capital. This has souvenir potential!

Campground: Albany/Corvallis KOA

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