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My great-great-grandfather's butcher shop in Padbury

It started raining yesterday evening & hasn’t stopped since. It’s been a very dreary day so I haven’t done much. I knew the rain was forecast & planned to go into Oxford to the Ashmolean museum but when I checked the opening times on the web-site I found out it was closed on Mondays. I wish I’d gone there yesterday instead of wasting my time at Blenheim.

I drove to Padbury this morning which is a little village in Buckinghamshire about 20 miles away. It’s where my mother’s paternal family came from & although I know very little about that side of the family I thought it would be interesting to see the village. My great-great Grandfather was a butcher in Padbury before he & his wife left for Australia in 1855 & amazingly, the butcher’s shop is still there & it’s still a butcher’s shop.

The young butcher was very helpful but wasn’t a local. However, he left the shop & took me across the road to a friend who’d lived in Padbury since 1943. Again I drew a blank with the family. It’s just too long ago & seems that there are no family connections left there. It was wonderful to see the shop & the Tithe Barn next to it where I’ve read he slaughtered the beasts but it was raining so hard I was worried about my camera getting wet so only took a couple of quick photos.

It’s not far out of my way to go by there tomorrow on my way to London if it stops raining. It was impossible to slop around the churchyard but I think my cousin has collected all the information available anyway.

I came back home & watched the end of the Men’s final of the French Open & have got myself organised to fly out on Wednesday so it can rain all it wants then.

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