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Well if you came to my blog this week looking for something exciting to read you will surely be disappointed.Sorry :(. Although there were some fun times for me I don't want to bore you with the details.I had planned on heading to San Pedro this weekend to look for a new Spanish school and some housing.But since it was the weekend the only new places that I would encounter would be new bars.This coming Tuesday is my last day of class and Wednesday my rent is due so I figured I can do some school and house searching during the week when I arrive at Lago Atitlan.Lake Atitlan is basically an old volcano that was filled with water during the last ice age.It is surronded by 12 villages,all distinct from one another.Plus there are other volcanoes(some active)that I can go explore.I only plan on staying a month,but the last time I was here some people told me they came for the weekend and have been there for years.I like Xela where I have been living since I got here,but since it is Guatemala's 2nd biggest city I can do without some (most) of the noise and conguestion.Life around the lake will be a little laid back but I'm sure it will have it's problems as well.It's only about 10am here so I will be back later to finish this entry.

Well I'm back and unfortunatly for you this blog is still booooring.The highlight of my day was reminding a gay guy who lives here about mutual respect and to wash his dishes when he is through with them.There is me,3 girls and a gay dude that live here.All the girls have there own dishes so they can wash them at will.(which is usually when their done eating)My self and Angosto share some communal dishes.But it has become a problem where a lot of communal dishes get left around,unwashed and I know I'm not the culpret.So anyway I wanted to take a dirty pan and smack him across the head with it but I chose a more diplomatic approach,not sure if it will work for a long time ,but the kitchen is spotless(for now).Maybe it's just me and I expect too much from people,oh yea it's that thing I mentioned earlier called mutual respect.I guess you could call the next highlight of my day was watching some sort of religious procession from my terrace.Now on Wednesday I came across one of these on my way back to school after break.But this one was much bigger and looked like they had some sorta pope with them?I don't know and could really care less but it was important to a lot of people today.Oh yea one more thing.This guy will make your car shine for about 2 US bucks.Fuck Robo, this guy's water is cleaner and there's no waiting(only my LI peeps will get this reference).Peace :)

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