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Jennie and Pete with their last Luccan ice cream

narrow street

and another!

and yet another

tunnels under the wall

outside the wall (doesnt do it justice!)

our last meal. a calzone of magnificent proportions

Pete, Jennie and I attended our last concert; our last lunch in town, (mine a yummy spinach crepe); our last ice cream and our last walk through the streets to see if we could find something we hadn't seen before!

we were planning to go through the far side of the wall to walk on to the river.

But taking a wrong turn resulted in a different exit.

This took us to an area within the walls with lots of caverns and connecting tunnels. A display, not actually open today, showed it was about tobacco with photos and some bunches of drying leaves. So we figured this area had been used to dry tobacco. Which also fitted seeing we had seen plants several times in Italy that Pete thought looked like tobacco. Always when we go somewhere intersting theres something else to be seen. WOuld have loved for the areas under the walls (there were two that we found) to have been opened on Sunday, or that we had found them earlier.

WE returned to the villa pretty exhausted and it was decided we would have tea out, rather than going shopping and preparing.

SO it was off for our last meal. Found another place we hadn't been, close to the villa. All home cooked. We Shared first two course; delicious. Then came our main courses!! Three of us had ordered calzone. Half came home for breakfast. Jennie and Yve managed sweets. THe ret of us couldnt fit in another mouthful.

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