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waiting at the station

our first village..this one with a beach

looking for lunch!

another village

from a village showing drop to the sea

every village had terraced hillsides

this poster shows impact of mud slide 7 months ago

mud slide from the sea 7 months on

waiting for the harem

Today Pete stayed behind to do his own thing. The rest of us started out by car, then took a train to our first village of the Cunque Terra.

From there it was a ferry, caught by the skin of our teeth. The ferry called into all but one of the 5 villages clinging to the hillsides, to drop off and pick up passengers. Normally it would stop at all five but a major mud slide last year which meesed up quite a bit of the village and its harbour, that both the walkway between that village and the next, and the ferry stop are unusable.

We didn't get off the ferry until the last stop and then returned through each village, by train, getting off on the way. It was a bit hazy, but photos couldn't do justice to the scenery anyway.

Doing a one day trip also doesn't do the area justice.

The only walking we did was up and down a few streets in each village.

And from that point of view they are much the same. Walking between the villages, which take from 20 minutes to 2 hours, would have added to the experience. And if very intrepid, going above the villages, would have been even more spectacular.

However given our short time frame, we did well and saw enough to know that the rave blurbs about the scenery are justified

Seven months ago one of the villages had had a mud slide during a storm.

The impact is still visible and there is a lot of work going on. It seems the lower floor of all buildings down at least one street was affected. The walks out of this village are closed as the slide took the area out.

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